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Design by Mariela Pabon

Non Gratas

Creative Team:

Mariela Pabón Navedo (Co-Creator/Performer)
Patricia Tab (Co-Creator/Performer)
Monica Garrido (Opener)
Publicist: Sarah Angelle
Poster Design: Mariela Pabon

Non Gratas:

In September 2019, Alma Matters Productions produced Non Gratas' first full length show in Canada At Bad Dog Comedy Theatre. The show featured special guest performer and Canadian Comedy Award winner Monica Garrido.

Featuring Canadian Comedy Award winner Patricia Taborda and Social Media Influencer Mariela Pabón Navedo (@checkinmela), Non Gratas is a performance duo that combines music and comedic melodrama to explore the experience of being latinx immigrants in North America. Inspired by the Hispanic ballads they grew up with, they improvise characters to examine themes that explore latinx diaspora, cultural shock, and the performativity of feelings.

Non Gratas, referring to “persona non grata” (a person unwelcomed in a country) is committed to using comedy as a political tool to reflect on social otherness commonly experienced by Latinxs in North American culture. Non Gratas is a bilingual Improv duo who are expanding Toronto’s comedy scene with woke, bipoc, feminist art.

"Non Gratas does justice for the strength it takes to build two cultures"

Mooney on Theatre
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