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Merlin Simard, Sarah Angelle, Rouvan Silogix, Breanna Maloney, PC: Brendee Green

Cooking for Grief

About the Production:

After the sudden loss of his father, Rob is forced to come to terms with his own identity and the actions that inform his role as a son, partner and friend. He returns to group therapy— after a sudden hiatus— on the heels of a fractured realization of self. As the members of the Group work together in their healing process, they find common ground in their experiences with loss, pain and addictions. Cooking for Grief explores familial relationships, toxic masculinity, and what it means to accept healing into one’s life.

Cooking for Grief had a digital staged reading with a portion of proceeds donated to Stella's Place, an organization that supports youth struggling with mental health.

Following a successful online workshop, Cooking premiered at the 2021 Vanouver Fringe Festial.

"A Cathartic Watch"

SAD Magazine

Creative Team:

Digital Reading:
Playwright - Breanna Maloney
Performers - Anand Rajaram, Graham Isador, Banafsheh Taherian and Marina Gromes
Dramaturg - Merlin Simard
Videographer - MXL Live Loft
Associate Producer - Rouvan Silogix

Vancouver Fringe Festival:
Performers - Eanna O' Dowd, Johnnier Mejia, Aixa Kay, Junita Thiessen
Director - Breanna Maloney & Sarah Angelle
Stage Manager - Sarah Angelle

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