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Lilix Media

YOU'RE HERE! Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Lilix Media is an independent Canadian production company based in Vancouver (with a loving presence in Toronto, too). Formerly known as Alma Matters Productions, we've evolved beyond theatre to explore the world of digital and cinematic art. As we branch into new artistic mediums, one thing’s for certain: we’re obsessed with storytelling…especially when it’s weird and whimsical. 

Our focus is on creating new, local, and experimental work. We're drawn to the peculiar, the unexpected, and the delightfully offbeat. A key aspect of our mission is amplifying the voices of marginalized communities, particularly those from a mental health perspective.

Our Name:

Now, you may be wondering, "What does 'Lilix' mean?"


We believe that true magic lies in the unconventional. "Lilix" is our homage to the fusion of art and imagination, where creativity knows no boundaries. Plus, it sounds pretty cool. Sometimes, that's reason enough.  

Making art is scary. That’s why we're here to empower artists to take risks, to push their boundaries, and to explore new artistic endeavors. Whether you're an established actor curious about directing or an aspiring performer ready to step on the stage for the first time, we want to hear from you. We firmly believe that within every human lies a unique spark of weirdness and we're here to celebrate it.

We approach our work with playful professionalism. We're serious about our creativity, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while doing it. We welcome you on our journey, where we honour the little weirdos within us all and invite them to dance under the spotlight.


Jonathan Shaboo, PC: Paul Salvatori

Our Team.

We're a dynamic group of artists (and friends) operating from Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Chicago. We love to collaborate and make our own stuff, too. Visit our socials to see what we're up to with Lilix and beyond! 

Alma Matters Productions

A Note from Sarah Angelle:

My Grandmother, Alma Decevito, faced a nearly two decade battle with Alzheimer's Disease. Told that she had, at most, five years to live, Alma thrived until 2017 thanks to her tenacity and the support of her loving community. Inspired by her strength, Alma Matters Productions (a playful spin on 'Alma Mater' which translates to 'Nourishing Mother') was created with the intent of connecting people through theatre. 


Since our launch in 2016, Alma Matters Productions has proudly presented 6 new plays, 11 cabarets, and 3 workshop presentations, several of which were involved with charitable causes. However, as the pandemic hit and I moved to the West Coast, my artistic goals underwent a significant shift. Despite my efforts to keep the company going, the work I was doing no longer resonated with my heart.

I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who played a part in bringing our little indie theatre company to life. While we are now shifting gears, I will always cherish the foundations on which Lilix Media was built. People matter, our roots matter, and Alma's story will always have an impact on me. She mattered. 


"And I love you, I love you completely!"

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