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Videographer: Taras Lavren

Drink of Choice

2019 Toronto Fringe Patron's Pick (WINNER)

Listed in Mooney on Theatre's "Must See" for Fringe 2019

About the Production:

Alma Matters was thrilled to partner with HollyWould Productions on the premiere of Drink of Choice, a choose-your-own-adventure semi-autobiographical piece by Holly Wyder. Winner of the 2019 Toronto Fringe Patron's Pick, Drink of Choice was hugely successful and picked for a remount at Factory Studio Theatre. ​​​​​​​

Drink of Choice is a semi-autobiographical, create-your-own-adventure piece about an asexual navigating a sexual world. Told in in three parts, or “Menus”, the narrative depends entirely on which drink the audience chooses. A dark comedy, each drink (story) ranges from mental health, sexual assault, family neglect, technological addiction, social anxiety, and more. Come once, twice, three times - the entire run - and each experience will be different!

To follow Hools and their work, visit:

Mooney on Theatre

"A thoughtful, hilarious and tender solo that changes each night based on the audience’s drink orders. A superlative piece of work."

Samantha Edwards, NOW

"Drink of Choice is an innovative Solo Show about Oversharing."

S. Bear Bergman

"The whole piece is fully-cooked, fresh, warm and well-seasoned."

Rochelle R Ellar, Amanda Cordner, Hools Kay, Jess Falcioni, Sarah Angelle, PC: Andrew Johnson

Creative Team:


Performer and Writer: Hools Kay
Director: Amanda Cordner 
Stage Manager: Jess Falcioni 
Producer: Sarah Angelle
(Alma Matters Productions) 
Production Designer: Ellen Brooker 
Dramaturg: Yolanda Bonnell 
Lighting Designer: Amber Pattison 
Promotional Content Creator: Taha Arshad
Logo Design: Catherine McCrae
Poster: Tyra Sweet



Performer and Writer: Hools Kay
Director: Amanda Cordnerr
Stage Manager: Jess Falcioni
Producer: Sarah Angelle (Alma Matters Productions)
Production Manager: Christopher Ross
Lighting Designer: Chin Palipane
Production Assistant: Rochelle R Ellar
Graphic Design: MC Catherine
Videographer: Taras Lavren
Promo Photos: Headshots by Andrew

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