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Taras Lavren, PC: Justin Michael Carriere

Liminal Spaces: A Digital Play Trilogy

Partnering with MXL Live Loft and Nowadays Theatre, we produced the online premiere of Liminal Spaces: A Digital Play Trilogy.


Featuring three new one act plays, This event is in support of the CDA Institute Afghan Refugee Program. 20% of all ticket sales will be donated to this organization, which helps to facilitate the arrival of Afghan Refugees into Canada. 

A liminal space is the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next.’ It is a place of transition, a season of waiting, and not knowing. Our three plays - MOTHER, DISCORd, and MPDG explore the fringes of life and death, reality and fiction, and the boundaries of consent. Challenging these evolving structures, these plays give us pause to reflect and question: "Where is the line?"


Written by Jax Smith & Helene Taylor


Written by Mohammad Yaghoubi


Written by Justin Otto
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Mohammad Yaghoubi, PC: Justin Michael Carriere

Creative Team:


By: Jax Smith & Helene Taylor

Featuring: Sarah Angelle, Anand Rajaram and Mahsa Ershadifar

Director: Jonathan Shaboo


By: Mohammad Yaghoubi

Featuring: Aida Keykhaii and Maryam Mahdavi

Director: Mohammad Yaghoubi

Assistant Director: Mahsa Ershadifar


By: Justin Otto

Featuring: Nathan Taylor and Annick Sheedy McLellan

Directors: Taras Lavren and Justin Otto

Original Music by Raf Finn. Promotional Photography by Graham Isador.

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